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Integrated Care Portal for Multiple Sclerosis (IBMS)

ibms logoComplex chronical illnesses require next to an intensive medical treatment often the inclusion of informal caretakers. The relatives of the diseased person are usually faced with the care and organisation of support. A highly important resource in this context are information about the disease and the necessary measures. The project IBMS – the development of an integrated Care Portal for patients with Multiple Sclerosis – main objective is to create a better connection between professionals and supporting care providers (informal). Furthermore, the patients as well as their relatives should be better supported in managing their chronical illness.

Together with our partners, the Multiple Sclerosis Centre (MSZ) at the Centre for Clinical Neuroscience (University Medical Centre Dresden) and the Carus Consilium Sachsen GmbH, there will be developed an eHealth-application that covers all needs of informal and formal caretakers as well as patient-requirements. Therefore, the already existing documentation system for patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MSDS3D) will be connected to the telemedical infrastructure CCS Telehealth Ostsachsen (THOS). Thereby (there) is created an institution-spanning electronical file, that can be also used by the patient itself. The project hence focuses on an improvement of the individual quality of care for patients as well as an optimised use of resources in the public health care sector.

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Considering the demographic change, the public health care sector has the difficulty to create an area-wide medical care system especially in rural areas. The hitherto provision with care and health services reaches its limits. The demand of care-provision regardless of the location and connection between the involved patients, is getting more and more important. Furthermore, a better involvement of informal caretakers (relatives) is necessary.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a chronic inflammatory disease of the central nervous system, is one of the most common acquired neurologic disease of young to middle-ages adults. The disease generally appears at an early age (young adult) and manifests with various symptoms like amyosthenia, fatigue or sight disorder. Comparable to the symptoms at the disease onset, the further disease course of MS is characterised by high heterogeneity. However, the life expectancy of many patients is in many cases hardly affected, care providers and patients are often integrated in an interdisciplinary care process that can take decades and is difficult to predict.


The primary objective of the project is to create a care portal that´s adapted to the medically necessary care needs of every patient, that supports the care model, that involves formal and informal participator and one that makes health care services efficiently usable. The aspired application offers a common access to patient and supply-relevant information for patients as well as medical providers. Supplementary, an encouragement of the ability to decide in a self-determined way especially for young patients, is in the projects focus. The intention is to provide precise and context-sensitive information for patients and relatives and furthermore to generate concrete recommendations from this information. As a result, the visual inspection and acquisition of supporting services can be done via the portal. The patient involvement is strengthened by a purposeful assistance in organising and caring.

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Together with our partners, the Multiple Sclerosis Centre (MSZ) at the Center for Clinical Neuroscience (University Medical Centre Dresden) as well as the Carus Consilium Saxony GmbH, there are focused following target fields of the care portal:

  • Integration of professional healthcare providers into the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis Patients

  • Improving the participation of patients and relatives into the care process

  • Development of the Saxon eHealth-landscape and Saxon health market

The application of an integrated care portal will be linked into the Telehealth Platform East-Saxony. So, the project connects with recent research successes and develops the vision of a digitally-supported management concept for the benefit of the patients meanwhile it preserves the resources of a medical supply in the region.