Parkinson Netzwerk Ostsachsen


There are currently around 32,000 people with Parkinson's disease in Saxony. As it is an age-related chronic disease, this number is expected to double by 2030 due to demographic change. The region is facing a major challenge, as there is currently already a noticeable shortage of specialists, especially outside the metropolitan areas. In individual districts, 40% of those affected have no access to specialized neurological care.

The "ParkinsonNetzwerk Ostsachsen" - PANOS for short - is intended to ensure equity in health in the region. A cross-sector care structure for Parkinson's patients is to be created through which those affected can have access to diagnostics and therapy regardless of where they live.

At PANOS, doctors, clinics with special Parkinson's expertise, research institutions and organizations such as the German Parkinson's Association, the Saxon State Medical Association and the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Saxony work together to improve the care of Parkinson's patients in the region.


The aim of PANOS is to diminish the supply deficits for Parkinson's patients in rural areas and to restructure care across existing sector boundaries. For this purpose, a digitally supported intersectoral and path-based care concept with a focus on the late phase of the disease is to be implemented. In addition, an infrastructural and personnel backbone should support the supply. This consists of:

  1. Cross-sectoral case management

  2. Active network management

  3. Standardized patient school and digitally supported patient letter

  4. Repetitive semi-automatic symptom monitoring

The current supply model with good therapy options is also to be secured in rural areas using digital innovations. The use of innovative sensor technology is to be researched within the framework of PANOS and the postulated health care effects are to be evaluated.

Our Role

As part of the project, HeLiCT is responsible for the requirements engineering regarding the PANOS platform and the development of the initial product backlog. The implementation of the requirements is also continuously accompanied. Furthermore, the tasks include the collection, conception and modelling of the medical treatment pathway and the support of its integration into the digital platform. The HeLiCT team also continuously contributes its existing expertise to network and quality management.


Contacts: Dr. Lena Otto, Dr. Kai Gand

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