Cubetto Medical

Cubetto Medical is an app for flexible and mobile creation of standard operating procedures (SOPs) or clinical pathways. Cubetto Medical on Mac, iPad or iPhone gives you access to the processes of the company at any time, be that in a meeting or travelling on a train. The standard for describing clinical operating procedures is fully implemented in this tool, based on recommendations contained in the AWMF Guidance Manual. Other medicine-specific concepts that enable clinical processes to be modelled appropriately are also integrated.

The automatic layout and integrated process flow assistant enable you to create your process models within a very short space of time. The existing export interfaces allow you to keep your certification documents up to date or exchange them with your colleagues via the cloud.


German: https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/cubetto-medical/id939992028?mt=12
nternational: https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/cubetto-medical/id939992028?mt=12

Hospital Process Management - An Impossibility?

cubetto medical

Creating and maintaining process models in medicine, be that for clinical pathways, internal guidelines or standard operational procedures (SOPs), has always been a complex and relatively unattractive task for most doctors. Tools that allow no more than a laborious description of medical processes produced more frustration than interest in maintaining and using process models for the purpose of process management, apart from issuing obligatory certifications. Cubetto Medical for Mac, iPhone and iPad makes a modelling suite immediately available for the documentation of clinical processes (SOPs, clinical treatment pathways, medical guidelines).

No matter whether in a hospital, a care centre, group of practices, rehabilitation facility, nursing or a consultancy company, you now have a flexible tool to hand, which enables your process know-how to be described. Numerous practical features and the implementation of specific description elements for medical processes make your daily work on the process model easier. A PDF export, for example, is only two clicks away, while revision and release information as well as references to medical guidelines and policies can be embedded directly in the model. Thanks to integrated cloud connectivity, you can exchange your models between various devices as well as within the team without delay. Cubetto Medical is now available in the App Store.

Example of Use - Wisdom Tooth Care

The following graphic demonstrates the application of Cubetto Medical using a simplified presentation of the treatment procedure for wisdom tooth care. It shows clearly that the aim of Cubetto Medical is to provide a representation that is as appropriate as possible without restricting the user unnecessarily and hence even falsifying process flows.