How we aim to raise the quality of care to a uniformly high level through the standardized development and use of patient pathways

The development, implementation and usage of patient pathways in European Comprehensive Cancer Care Networks (CCCNs) has so far been very individual and has not been based on a uniform standard. Our research group, as a member of the Joint Action iPAAC (innovative partnership for action against cancer), has the task and the great opportunity to give this process guidance. During the 3rd meeting of work package 10 (WP10) on the 16th and 17th of September 2019 at the National Institute of Oncology in Budapest, we presented our method proposal to the project consortium. It describes in eight phases which steps are necessary to enable a continuous and standardized implementation of patient pathways in integrated care networks in general and in CCCNs in particular. It is planned to create generic patient pathway templates which will be adapted by the individual CCCNs to national, regional and local conditions. In this way, the quality of care for cancer patients in European CCCNs is aimed to be brought to a uniformly high level.

 During the work package meeting we gathered feedback from the participants on our proposed methodology. We will test a revised version in the coming months by use it to develop and implement patient pathways for pancreatic and colorectal cancer patients together with the iPAAC WP10 pilot CCCNs in Germany (Charité Berlin) and Poland (Lower Silesia Oncology Centre in Wroclaw). We are looking forward to working together and applying and evaluating our results in practice.


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