EHTEL Membership


What does EHTEL stands for?

The European Health Telematics Association (kurz EHTEL) is the leading E-Health association in Europe. It is a  active and multi disciplinary network of various European enterprises, research institutes and key actors. EHTEL focus on the improvement of health care though E-Health solutions. The initiative comprises about 66 participants form 23 different countries (also non-European countries). The EHTEL activities adress all aspect of E-Health supported care from the development, standardisation,  and diffusion of solutions.


Germany and other regions of the EU have a drastically shrinking and ageing population, with the ratio between the population in working age and the population in retirement age shifting. This particularly affects medical and nursing care. In rural regions, there is a structural inequality between the supply and demand of skilled workers. The preservation and expansion of jobs that meet the requirements of older workers continues to be important. This requires appropriate technologies, training programmes and supply models.

The use of information and communication technologies in the health system (e-health) has great potential for supporting and improving not only the medical and nursing care of patients, but also a healthy life style and the prevention of illnesses. The topic of e-health is still relatively young, but promises to be one of the main future markets. To this end, a large number of framework conditions need to be created and effects analyzed, for which science also needs to provide the relevant answers.


Objective and Intention

Package of measures 1 (PM 1)

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Package of measures 2 (PM 2)

  • Involvement in EHTEL task forces and, where applicable, initiation of own task forces (task force = multidisciplinary working group focusing on specific e-health topics)
  • Special interest in participation in the e-health interoperability and sustainable telemedicine services task forces
  • Involvement of TU Dresden in the formulation of standardized requirements for health care informatics and influence of own positions in the context of European standardization initiatives

Package of measures 3 (PM 3)

  • Benefit of the acquired visibility of TU Dresden
  • Creating an e-health board headed by Dr. Schlieter (contents: current topics about participation in EHTEL, its task forces and other current European topics)
  • Easier access of other institutions at TU Dresden to European projects


EHTEL membership offers TU Dresden the possibility of stronger European networking in the field of e-health. This will give rise to advantages not only for TU Dresden, but for Saxony as a business location. EHTEL is the leading e-health community in Europe. It forms an active, multidisciplinary network of European companies, institutions and individual stakeholders that are dedicated to improving health care through e-health. EHTEL currently comprises 66 members in 23 countries.


Existing European (International) Networking and Initiatives

  • LifeKIC-Initiative
  • COMPATH (H2020)
  • Health Region: Healthy Saxony & Partners Harvard Medical International
  • European Evaluation Instrument ACT@scale

Involvement in EHTEL task forces and, where applicable, initiation of own task forces (task force = multidisciplinary working group focusing on specific e-health topics)