What do we offer?

Our team is closely linked to business users, system providers, associations and other research institutions. As a result, a synergistic combination of skills and exchange with the professional user is achieved. Our team deals with various forms of cooperation. For example, we are involved in IT consultancy in practical projects, we perform our own basic research, request funding, give advice and participate in the organization and hosting of scientific conferences. If your company or research institution are interested in a long-term cooperation in innovative topics, please contact Mr. Burwitz or Dr. Schlieter.


Branch - Healthcare

Our skills for managers & hospital management

competences ceo

You would like to...

  • ...create transparency, increase quality und evidence
  • ...design and implement interdisciplinary supply scenarios
  • ...improve purchasing decisions and text specifications
  • ...sustainable IT project management
  • ...implement innovative ideas
  • ...keep knowledge in a company

 We can help you!

  • ...process analysis and Process support (clinical pathways, SOP, int. guidelines)
  • ...development of business concepts
  • ...requirement analysis and support from IT projects
  • ...requirement and performance specifications
  • ...implement innovative ideas
  • ...set up of a knowledge base
  • ...offer schooling


Our skills for IT managers competences cio

You would like...

  • ...sustainable IT framework planning
  • ...Realisation of interoperability scenarios
  • ...advice on standards and exchange protocols
  • ...IT supported process performance

We can help you!

  • ...architecture planning and management
  • ...interface planning
  • ...advice on standards and exchange protocol
  • ...schooling
  • ...quality management
  • ...workflow management


Our skills for system and solution providers

You would like...

  • ...market entry and development
  • ...innovative diffusion
  • ...technologiscal sustainability
  • ...interoperability assurance
  • ...sustainable services

We can hep you!

  • ...technical advice
  • ...interface planning
  • ...advice on standards and exchange protocols
  • ...access to the telehealth platform in Saxony
  • ...schooling

Our products

competences solution provider1


  • CPmod - Process Suite: Modeling Suite for creating, managing and sharing of process models
  • CPmod - WF-Execution: Workflow Engine for IT support processes
  • CPmod - Analysis: Analysis of the path process, benchmarking
  • CPmod - Consulting: Development of process maps, detailed processes ,development of workflows

Cubetto Medical

  • Modeling of processes on IPAD and MAC





competences function


  • Requirement management
  • Requirement and performance specification
  • IT management
  • Migration of IT systems
  • Workflow Management Systems
  • Software Engineering
  • Consulting





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