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Excellence in e-Health Research & Development

The Healthy Living Competence Team (HeLiCT) is a research group at the Chair of Wirtschaftsinformatik, esp. Systems Development (Prof. Dr. Esswein). Our team includes researches of computer sciene, information systems, business management, and medical informatics who work together on issues from practice and research.

Our philosophy

Our main focus is the design and optimization of clinical processes, whereby economical optimization measures and information technology support are seen as a unit. Our aim is to improve the performance and resource efficiency through systematic design, project monitoring and implementation. As part of our research and development work, the design of practical solutions that seamlessly integrate into the functional processes are paramount.

The focus of our research, consulting and development activities in the following areas:

Process analysis
Architectures Quality management
  • Development and implementation of clinical pathways
  • Process documentation & Process improvement
  • System integration of clinical pathways
  • Conception & evaluation of IS architectures
  • Certification
  • Interface implementation
  • Technology evaluation
  • Interoperability and Extensibility
  • Development of multi-sided Platform Architectures
  • Sustainability of eHealth solutions
  • Implementaton of medical guidelines
  • Guidelines compliance
  • Enterprise models and quality management manuals
  • Evaluation of eHealth-Ecosystems and eHealth-Platforms
Development Modeling  Technical standards
  • Prototype development iPad & JEE 
  • CPMOD - Clinical Workflow Engine
  • Clinical Pathway Modeling Language
  • Method design and user-specific language development
  • SOP Modeling
  • Modeling clinical pathways
  • Modeling guidelines
  • Consulting on medical standards and certification support:
    • Electronic case files (eFA), Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE)
    • Health Level 7  (HL7) Version 2 u. 3
    • Clinical Document Architecture  (CDA)
    • ...
  • Approval of technical and functional specifications
  • Support with the product choice


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