HeLiCT at EHTEL/ELO network meeting

EHTEL/ELO-meeting in Odense

In the course of our activities in the EHTEL,  on behalf of the TU Dresden we were participating in the EHTEL/ELO Network meeting from November, 7th - 8th, 2016 at MedCom in Odense (Denmark). EHTEL/ELO is a network of national and regional eHealth competence centers and focus national and european eHealths strategies. For example, Denmark has one of the most innovative eHealth-based healthcare systems. Other important players of European ehealth activities like Finland, France, Estonia or Croatia have participated in the meeting. As the host of the meeting, MedCom has organized two very interesting days. On the first day we have got great insights to the Danish eHealth-platform and the activities around it. On the second day, the different European partners have presented the current status of their eHealth-activities.

We contributed to the meeting by our research works and our experiences from regional eHealth projects. In particular, we presented and discussed the topic of evaluation of platforms. As today platforms are becoming an increasingly important aspect of the eHealth-activities. There are still different approaches and architectures that have been emerged in Europe. Thus, platforms are understood and utilized heterogeneously. This leads to the need for comparison and benchmarking of different platforms. At TU Dresden we are focusing on how these eHealth-platforms can be evaluated and how we can handle it. The participation in the activities of EHTEL/ELO and the innovation initiatives of EHTEL give us the opportunity to transfer and evaluate our research in the field of tension between science, practice, society and politics.

We were delighted to participate in the meeting and we want to say our special thank you to our Danish hosts for the marvellous organization of the meeting.